Seibu Christmas Window Display

we+ created a window display for Japanese department store Seibu Shibuya’s Christmas campaign, embodying their theme of “surprise”. The ever-changing installation featured multi-layered wool tapestries that were gradually unraveled each day to display a new expression, akin to an advent calendar counting down the days to Christmas. Five motorized spool machines were set to slowly reel in knitted wool, unravelling 80 tapestries. Comprised of four layers of wool, the tapestries were revealed through each layer unveiling checkered patterns designed to become more complex over time. By using common materials, we+ aimed to visualize a sense of playfulness in winter, recreating childhood nostalgia and excitement from the element of “surprise” and sense of discovery often felt at Christmas.


Sogo & Seibu
  • Seibu Shibuya [Tokyo]
  • Seibu Christmas Window Display
  • Seibu Christmas Window Display
  • Seibu Christmas Window Display
  • Seibu Christmas Window Display