Exploring the Beauty of Powders through Both Sensory and Logical Approaches


WONDER POWDER is a research project by Shimadzu Corporation and we+ that explores the beauty of powders. Powdering is one of most primitive processing methods for humanity. Just as pigments are derived from minerals and wheat is turned into bread, humanity has expanded the possibilities of materials by crushing solids into powder. Turning materials into powder not only makes them more manageable and versatile but also allows us to encounter expressions and behaviors that were never visible in their solid state. Launched in 2022, this project involves not only observing the movement of powdered various materials underwater but also scientifically analyzing them using Shimadzu Corporation’s analytical instruments. Through a dual approach of sensory and logical exploration, the project seeks to understand the beauty of powder. At the exhibition held during Milan Design Week, we showcased some research findings and an installations as part of the projectr. The exhibit featured powders of a wide range of materials, including metals like aluminum, minerals like pyrite, organic substances such as wood and bamboo charcoal, and artificial materials like acrylic, each displayed in custom-developed fixtures to show their behaviors. Additionally, we presented the analytical results of each material’s particle size, density, and shape, attempting to capture "beauty" from a new perspective.


Shimadzu Corporation
  • DROPCITY [Milan]
Photo & Movie
Hiroki Tagma / Yuta Sawamura / Kenichi Murase
Photo & Movie
Hiroki Tagma / Yuta Sawamura / Kenichi Murase