Swell is an installation that visualizes the movement of wind and light through the use of a mesh curtain with 300,000 attached small mirror pieces sized at 10mm x 20mm, reflecting and amplifying the site’s natural elements and atmosphere in a new context. It offers a new means of proposing forms of expression that seek to explore coexistence with nature. Situated in Tokyo Midtown in a lush green garden located within an urban canyon, nine wide screens stand in four varying sizes, amplifying light and gently swaying in response to the wind. Slightly transparent and vaguely reflective, the shimmering, mirror-clad mesh creates an immersive space that visualizes the delicate fluctuations of natural phenomena akin to a creature breathing, revealing various aspects of the environment from day and night whilst creating a stereophonic scenery.


Tokyo Midtown
  • Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH [Tokyo]
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