Grains of Purity

Grains of Purity is an installation for PANPURI’s Ginza Six signature store. Using white powder as a symbol of the brand’s main concept, “Purity & Nature”, it aims to present new methods of expression that merge nature with the artificial, encased in a contrasting black box capturing its elegant movements. Computer controlled lines of powder fall with delicate and subtle movement creating mounds. Through seven nozzles positioned at the top of the glass case, fine powder is dispersed to fall both regularly and randomly. As it accumulates, it creates layers as time goes by showing the beauty and transitory essence of nature. An accompanying merchandise display presents PANPURI products embedded in the white powder. The smooth curves and gentle shade of the layered powder further enhance the allure of the products. *PANPURI is a Thai wellness, luxury skincare and home ambiance brand.


  • PANPURI [Tokyo]