InsideOutFUJIFILM Material Recipe Book

Recipe book summarising the multifaceted material properties of new materials and ideas for their use


InsideOut is a materials research project that explores the potential of new materials derived from technologies owned by the Fujifilm Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory. The project emerged through a collaboration with the Fujifilm Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory and Design Centre. Through a variety of experiments and repeated expert discussions, a wide range of material properties have been identified and compiled into this recipe book. By visually capturing the allure of Fujifilm’s new material and the surprises encountered throughout the experimental process in a user-friendly way, this book aims to foster understanding among non-specialists while providing an opportunity for new ideas to emerge. In addition, by applying this material research approach to a variety of materials, the project seeks to uncover new values that are difficult to reach only through a limited perspective.


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