Drought is a chair born of aridity and time. Created from a mixture of wax and super-absorbent resin, a unique silhouette forms as the mixture dries. Inspired by the cracked and weathered rocks of soil created by sun exposure, we developed our own production process by combining natural phenomena and traditional casting methods. By mixing a wax prototype with a super-absorbent resin and allowing it to dry for a week, the resin decreases 90% in diameter and is expelled from the wax, leaving a unique shape. The wax prototype is then replaced with bronze through a lost wax casting process. Although the production process is controlled, the approach of entrusting impressions made by natural phenomenon is a new method and form of expression created by embracing — not resisting — the power of nature. Even though the chair is static, the flow of time and notion of change can be felt.



  • Spazio Rossana Orlandi [Milan]
  • Photo
    Masayuki Hayashi
  • Drought