Drift is a clock that visualizes the impermanence and of time through the use of shadows passing across sand. It is comprised of a layer of iron sand featuring a motor underneath generating magnetic force creating impressions of clock hands and seconds. As it progresses at a constant speed, the iron sand continues to finely adjust, reflecting the notion of change and ephemerality of time. Drift encourages the paradox of “forgetting or losing track of time”, by changing its appearance organically and gradually over time. By combining nature with manmade elements, a beauty and depth of nature is captured, proposing possibilities beyond the expected functions of time-measuring devices.     Clock mechanism design by: Tomo Makabe

時間とともに外観が有機的に変化することで、時間を忘れ鑑賞するという逆説的な行為を促す時計です。自然と人工を融合させることで自然の美しさや深遠さを捉え、時計本来の役割を超えた可能性を提案しています。磁力を帯びた針が一定のスピードで動くことで砂鉄が微細に変化を続け、そこから生み出される表情は、移ろいゆくものと時のはかなさを感じさせます。 時計機構設計:真壁友

  • Salone del Mobile 2016 [Milano]
  • Design New Standard [Singapore]
  • IDS Vancouver [Vancouver]
  • Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art & Design [Toyama]
  • TAIWAN DESIGN EXPO 2018 [Taichung]
  • Shenzhen Creative Week 2019 [Shenzhen]
Clock mechanism design
Tomo Makabe