Beauty Innovation

Beauty Innovation is a kinetic installation using threads to express the multi-faceted layers of beauty, embodying Shiseido's corporate philosophy "The Diversity of Beauty Creates Innovation That Leads to a Better World” as the first in a two-part series for the brand. The work sees 500 vertically-stretched threads in motion via a carefully programmed motor creating a visual symphony. By hiding the thread — which is almost double the length of the visible thread — in the structure, we made it possible to move like a highly elastic rubber. The 12 rows of coloured threads are uniquely dyed, allowing for a gradation presenting a dynamic silhouette and moiré varying at different angles. Through the instantaneous tense atmosphere and the various expression of threads that change with time, the diversity of beauty is revealed.


  • Shiseido Ginza Building [Tokyo]
  • Beauty Innovation
  • Beauty Innovation