新たな視点と、価値を、かたちにする。Contemporary design to develop our ideas and aesthetics.


  1. Research
    We research the history and past examples of particular “objects” and “things,” and unravel their contexts and relationships with people and society.
  2. Experiment
    We engage ourselves with a variety of materials and techniques, from the familiar to the peculiar, in order to uncover new uses and arrangements.
  3. Development
    We mull over concepts and ways of expression from multiple viewpoints, aiming to be unbound by conventions or stereotypes, and find out where they connect with people and society.
  4. Output
    We propose new viewpoints and possibilities through product, space, and visuals in a way that is finely attuned to each and every project.
    • Commissioned

    The initiated-works of we+. We reject preconceived ideas and employ our own unique concepts and production methods, all while carefully reviewing furniture and product history, as well as surrounding contexts. These works, bolstered by their adept approach which utilizes the flow of time and natural phenomena, are both sold in limited editions at design galleries overseas and displayed at art museums and exhibitions. They present society with new perspectives and new values.


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    • Commissioned

    The perspectives and knowledge gained from our initiated-works, ongoing research, and experiments are used in a wide array of projects with various companies and organizations. Our proposals create new potential across many field, from highly artistic approach like installations, to logical output of branding and concept making, as well as the development of concept models and visuals.


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