新たな視点と、価値を、かたちにする。Contemporary design to develop our ideas and aesthetics.


Since the Industrial Revolution, we have witnessed the pursuit of efficiency and convenience through technological advancements and systemizations led by industrialization and urbanization. Although these changes provide greater comfort in our daily lives, they place a greater burden on the global environment.

Economic activities now prioritize productivity and profit and tend to trivialize laborious processes — such as traditional craftmanship or countless hours of trial and error — resulting in a homogenous society lacking in diversity. How can we confront these social and environmental issues to build a better future? Rather than human-centred design, we explore the possibilities of commune-centered design founded on the coexistence of the natural landscape and our daily environment. Our approach incorporates the multifaceted aesthetics, vicissitudes and fluctuations of natural phenomena — such as the movements of water and wind, the refraction of light, and the forces of magnetism and gravity— to create new elements in objects, products and installations, in which the artificial and natural merge.

We utilize technologies, materials, and original production methods based on extensive research and experimentation, and execute projects using a unique cyclical process. The most important aspect of this process is the emergence of new ideas from active discussions and repeated experiments, offering various perspectives that differ from conventional methods. We actively seek staff with diverse skill sets and backgrounds — designers, engineers, researchers, and writers — and welcome interns from abroad. We value our process requiring each member to experience the phenomenon first hand before engaging in the research, experimentation, and development of new materials and technologies.





we+ handles projects in a cyclical process. Each project begins with a foundational perspective, established through various discussions. Only then does research and concept development begin in parallel with related experiments and prototyping, with repeated output and feedback informing the project's direction, expression and concept. We utilize knowledge and experience accumulated from past and ongoing works to inform future projects, looping back and forth, eventually leading to an optimal solution. In today's fast-paced and rapidly changing society, the cyclical process aims to explore diverse perspectives and possibilities unconfined by customs and stereotypes.


  1. Research
    We research and examine the history and past examples of particular “objects” and “things”, unraveling their contexts and relationships with people and society to uncover previously unseen perspectives and connections.
  2. Concept Making
    We start by challenging the preconceived notions and stereotypes of today's society, exploring different ideas and perspectives based on the knowledge and experience we have accumulated from our daily activities and research.
  3. Experiment/Study & Prototyping
    We engage with various materials and technologies, from the familiar to the peculiar, and often utilize originally developed production methods. Through closely observing a variety of phenomena that results before our eyes, we continue to explore the most innovative solutions to convey each concept and design.
  4. Production
    We propose new viewpoints and possibilities through product, installation, space, and visuals to draw out an innovative and optimal output for every project.


we+ works towards future research and advanced development-type projects with a diverse range of companies, utilizing the knowledge and experience cultivated through our studio’s unique cyclical process. Through ongoing experimentations and repeated trial and error, we aim to bring out the optimal solution for each project.


    • Commissioned

    These are the initiated works of we+. Based on research conducted on the history and context of furniture and products, and social background, we aim to present alternative perspectives and values for modern society and design. In recent years, we are exploring new ways of fusing the natural with the man-made by revealing the uncertainty of natural phenomena using originally developed technologies, materials, and production methods. Our works are both sold in limited editions at design galleries, and displayed at art museums and exhibitions locally and abroad.


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    • Commissioned

    Through perspectives and knowledge gained from our daily research and prototyping, as well as collaborations with various companies and organizations, we offer proposals with a cross-disciplinary approach that intersect numerous fields. Each informs the other to produce new possible outcomes, original concepts and innovative design solutions. From short-term to long-term client projects, we work across branding, conceptual design and advanced model development, to installations, space and product design, and visual development.


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